last update: 21-11-2023


Recording - Mixing - Mastering

I started recording drums for my bands as well as other projects 15 years ago.

As I got deeper into the recording process, I also started to make my first mixes. After mixing and mastering all music of my band Jacobs Moor and Elephants In Paradise's debut album, I got requests from other bands.

I recorded the last two Holy Moly Jazzband Deluxe albums with my mobile setup in their rehearsal room. Afterwards we recorded the vocals in my studio. I mixed and mastered both albums, "Let There Be Jazz" was also released on Vinyl.

I am also proud of mixing and mastering Manhattan Century's deput EP "Ape". At the moment we are working on the 2nd EP.

Besides that I am also working on new music by Jacobs Moor.


I can record small groups of up to 4 musicians in my studio and I have a vocal booth. In my studio I mainly record drums, which is my speciality.


For larger bands it is possible to rent bigger rooms and I have a mobile setup and can come to your rehearsal room to record your band.


Of course you can also book me just for mixing (including editing, also vocal tuning if needed) or mastering, please contact me under



What I use

DAW: Pro Tools 12 (recording & mixing), Samplitude (mastering)

Universal Audio Satellite Octo + Quad


Control Room (mixing & mastering):


Universal Audio Apollo x6

Universal Audio Apollo x4

Dangerous Music Convert AD+ AD Converter

Crane Song Interstellar Quantum  AD Converter

Crane Song Solaris DA Converter



Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss Processor

Wes Audio ng Bus Compressor

SSL Fusion

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X

Black Lion Audio Bluey 1176 Compressor



Amphion Two 18 + Amp 700

Yamaha NS 10 + Rotel RB-9808X Amp

Avantone Mixcubes

Yamaha HS 8S Subwoofer

AKG K-812 Headphones


Wave Nature Master's Place Studio desk


Recording Room:

Universal Audio Apollo 8p

Universal Audio Apollo 8

Universal Audio Apollo x4


2 x AMS Neve 1073 Preamp

1 x API 512 v Preamp

Fredenstein Bento 6s

Universal Audio 4-710D Twin Finity

RME Octamic II



Yamaha HS 80


Recording Room



I am endorsing and using sE Electronics Mircrophones exclusively. However in the studio I sometimes need more mics to record the room or whatever so I might use some mics from other companies as well.


sE Electronics:

1 x V7 Special Artist Edition

5 x V7X

6 x V Beat

2 x V Kick

1 x BL8 (Boundary Microphone)

1 x DynaCaster DCM8

6 x sE8 (Condenser)

2 x 4400a (Large Diaphragm Condenser - matched Stereo pair)

1 x VR1 Voodoo (Passive Ribbon)

1 x VR2 Voodoo (Active Ribbon)


Rupert Neve Signature Series Microphones:

3 x RN17 (Condenser)

2 x RNR1 (Active Ribbon)



1 x AKG C391 (Condenser)

1 x Audix D1

2 x Audix D2

2 x Audix D4

2 x Audix D6

1 x Rode NT4 Stereo Condenser

1 x Shure SM7

1 x Shure Beta 58

1 x Sennheiser MD 421





The Metal Monster - Recording Setup for Jacobs Moor





Recording Setup for Jacobs Moor's EP "The Evil In Me"