last update: 18-05-2024



I got my first toy drumkit at the age of 5. After destroying it successfully and not giving up convincing my parents that I wanted to become a drummer, they finally registered me at the local music school.

In 2003 I began studying at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna (drums and percussion for popular music and jazz as well as classical percussion). At the same year I began working as a professional drummer. In 2011 I had my master degree and began teaching drums, since 2012 I am teaching at the Franz Schmidt Musikschule in Perchtoldsdorf.

Musical credits vary from Jazz to Heavy Metal, here are some of the most important collaborations:

Agnes Milewski (2 studio albums, touring through Europe), Alex Zilinski Trio, Blue Jade (2 studio albums), Charlie Haynes, Crazy Heels, Daniel Küblböck (casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, touring through Germany and Luxembourg), Far Beyond Innocence (1 studio album, shows in Austria and Germany), Floyd Division - The Austrian Pink Floyd Show (concerts all over Europe), Gainsbourg "Vertraulich" with Johanna Wokalek (Burgtheater Wien,…), Grand Zeppelin, Gravity, Heilbutt & Rosen, Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power), Holy Moly Jazz Band Deluxe, Jazzophoniker, Joe Hofbauer Quintett, Judith Hill (known from Michael Jackson's "This is it", Stevie Wonder,...), Pacheco, Pumpin’ Headphones, Purpendicular (Deep Purple Tribute-Band, Shows with Original Deep Purple members Ian Paice and Joe Lynn Turner; touring through Europe), Rainer Zufall, Sheila Fernandez, Starmix (exclusive shows at the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco), Sugar Sky, Supermoon, The Blues Revival Band, The Rats Are Back, University Big Band Vienna.

I am currently playing in these  bands: Jacobs Moor, Gravity, Floyd Division - The Austrian Pink Floyd Show and Holy Moly Jazzband Deluxe.

I am working in my own studio, recording drums for all kinds of bands/artists/projects and also record other drummers/bands. I have also been working as an engineer for a few years now, doing mixing and mastering (check out my discography).

I am proudly endorsing Mapex drums, Aquarian drumheads, Vic Firth drumsticks, sE Electronics microphones, Skygel Damper Pads and SIB Systems BDHO II mounting brackets. Thanks to Frank Rohe at Music und Technik (Mapex, Aquarian), Joe Testa, Sarah Hagan, Ben Davies and Scott Quade (Vic Firth), Toni Scherrenberg and Tom Stubics (sE Electronics) and Sibi Siebert at Box of Trix GmbH (SIB Systems, Skygel Damper Pads).

with Floyd Division @ Sono Musicclub Brno, Chech Rebublic, 2022

with Jacobs Moor @ Austrian Newcomer Award, Landestheater Linz, Austria, 2015

with Judith Hill @ Reigen Wien, Austria, 2010

with Purpendicular & Joe Lynn Turner @ Jagger Club, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2010