last update: 30-04-2018


Recording Setup for Jacobs Moor's EP "The Evil In Me"
Blue Jade 2nd Album Recording with a lof of dampening for a special dry sound
Blue Jade 2nd Album Recording


Behringer X32 Producer 32 in/32 out USB Audio/Recording Interface + S 16 Digital Snake = 32 recordable tracks


Mackie Onyx Blackbird Firewire Recording Interface 24 bit/96 khz with 8 mic preamps.


I am endorsing Audix Microphones through their Austrian distribution TLV Vertriebs GmbH, so I mainly use Audix Mics. However in the studio I sometimes need more mics to record the room or whatever so I might use some mics from other companies as well.


Audix Mics:

2 x ADX 51 (Condenser)

1 x CX 112B (Large Diaphragm Condenser)

1 x ADX 60 (Condenser Boundary Microphone)


1 x i5 (Dynamic)

1 x D1 (Dynamic)

5 x D2 (Dynamic)

1 x D3 (Dynamic)

3 x D4 (Dynamic)

2 x D6 (Dynamic)



3 x AKG C391 (Condenser)

2 x Rode NT 5 (Condenser)

1 x Rode NT 4 Stereo Mic (Condenser)


1 x Electro Voice N/D 767a (Dynamic)

1 x Sennheiser MD 421 (Dynamic)

1 x Shure Beta 52 (Dynamic)

1 x Shure SM 57 (Dynamic)

1 x Shure Beta 58A (Dynamic)


Drums: Mapex Saturn (Maple/Walnut)

Bass Drums: (1x) 20x18, (2x) 22x18, (1x) 24x18

Tom Toms: (2x) 10x8, (1x) 10x9, (2x) 12x9, (1x) 12x10, (1x) 14x11

Floor Toms: (2x) 14x14, (1x) 16x16, (1x) 18x16

Snare Drums: various Black Panther Snare Drums


Drumheads: various Aquarian Drumheads


Cymbals: various Sabian Cymbals (AA, AAX, HH, HHX)

Electronic Drum-Setup:

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module for Bass Drum Trigger

Roland V-Drums TD 10: 2xKD-7 Kick Pads, PD-7, PD-9 and PD-120 Pads for Snare and Toms

Roland Sampling Pad SPD-SX

1 x Roland Bass Drum Trigger RT-10K, 1 x Roland Bass Drum Trigger RT-30K

1 x Roland Snare Drum Trigger RT-10S