last update: 20-04-2021



DAW: Pro Tools 12

UAD-2 (1 x Satellite Octo, 2 x Satellite Quad) and Waves Plug ins among others 


Interfaces/Pre Amps/Outboard

Universal Audio:

Apollo 8p

Apollo 8

Apollo Twin Mk II

4-710d Twin Finity


ISA 428 Mk II


Babyface Pro


Blackbird Onyx (used in stand-alone as 8 pre)



Behringer X 32 Producer + S 16



Yamaha HS 80 Stereo Speakers + HS 8S Subwoofer



Drawmer CMC2


Mixing Desk


Recording Room



I am endorsing and using sE Electronics Mircrophones exclusively. However in the studio I sometimes need more mics to record the room or whatever so I might use some mics from other companies as well.


sE Electronics:

Rupert Neve Signature Series Microphones:

3 x RN17 (Condenser)

2 x RNR1 (Active Ribbon)

1 x RNT (Multi Pattern Tube Condenser)


1 x VR1 (Passive Ribbon)

1 x VR2 (Active Ribbon)


2 x 4400a (Large Diaphragm Condenser - matched Stereo pair)

4 x sE8 (Condenser)


3 x V7X

4 x V Beat

2 x V Kick


VR1 + VR2 in Blumlein position with a RN17 mono in between

3 x AKG C391 (Condenser)


2 x Audix ADX 51 (Condenser)

1 x Audix CX 112B (Large Diaphragm Condenser)

1 x Audix ADX 60 (Condenser Boundary Microphone)


1 x Audix i5 (Dynamic)

1 x Audix D1 (Dynamic)

5 x Audix D2 (Dynamic)

1 x Audix D3 (Dynamic)

3 x Audix D4 (Dynamic)

2 x Audix D6 (Dynamic)


2 x Rode NT 5 (Condenser)

1 x Rode NT 4 Stereo Mic (Condenser)


1 x Sennheiser MD 421 (Dynamic)

1 x Shure Beta 52 (Dynamic)

1 x Shure SM 57 (Dynamic)

1 x Shure Beta 58A (Dynamic)



Metal Setup (Jacobs Moor & Elephants in Paradise) - Mapex Saturn IV in Root Beer Burst

2 x 22x18 Bass Drums

10x8 or 10x9, 12x9 or 12x10 Rack Toms

14x14, 16x16 & 18x16 Floor Toms

14x6 Black Panther Steel or 14x6 Wraith Matt Halpern Signature Snare Drum


Sabian Cymbals (Metal/Rock)

20" HH Rock Ride

16" AAX X-plosion Hi Hat

14" HH Fusion Hi Hat

19" AAX X-plosion Crash

18" AAX X-plosion Crash

18" AAX Dark Crash

19" AAXtreme China or 18" HHX Chinese

17" AAXtreme China

12" HHX Splash

10" AA Splash

10" HH Max Stax Mid



Recording Setup for Jacobs Moor's EP "The Evil In Me"

Rock Setup


Mapex Saturn IV in Root Beer Burst


24x18 Bass Drum

12x10 or 14x11 Rack Tom

16x16 & 18x16 Floor Tom

14x6 Black Panther Steel or Wraith Matt Halpern Signature Snare Drum


Sabian Cymbals


22" AAX Omni Ride or 20" HH Rock Ride

16" AAX X-plosion or 14" HH Fusion Hats


various Crash Cymbals (AAX, HH/Vanguard, Jojo Mayer Fierce)


"Job" Setup (Pop - Jazz)


Mapex Saturn V Exotic in Black Maple Burl

20x16 Bass Drum

10x7 & 12x8 Rack Toms

14x14 Floor Tom

14x5 Black Panther Black Widow Snare Drum


Sabian Cymbals


22" AAX Omni Ride

14" HH Vanguard Hi Hat

17" Jojo Mayer Fierce Crash and/or 15" & 16" AAX X-plosion Fast Crash

7" HHX Splash


20" HH Duo Ride

22" HH Vanguard

18" HH Vanguard

14" HH Vanguard Hi Hat



Vic Firth Sticks/Brushes/Rutes

5B (Metal/Rock)

5A, F1, Stanton Moore Signature (Allround)

Modern Jazz MJC2, American Jazz AJ3 & AJ6 & Russ Miller Wire Brushes (Jazz)

Steve Smith Tala Wand Birch (TW12) for very soft/quiet playing

Aquarian Drumheads

various models for different types of music

Electronic Drum-Setup:

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module for Bass Drum Trigger

Roland V-Drums TD 10: 2xKD-7 Kick Pads, PD-7, PD-9 and PD-120 Pads for Snare and Toms

Roland Sampling Pad SPD-SX

2 x Roland Bass Drum Trigger RT-30K

1 x Roland Snare Drum Trigger RT-10S


SIB Systems BDHO II mounting brackets for internal miking