last update: 30-04-2018


new Audix mics to complete my arsenal of great mics

This is what the Easter bunny brought to me this year: an Audix CX112B large diaphragm condenser mic and the DP Quad with two ADX 51 condensers, a D6 and an i5!

SIB System BDHO II Holders mounted inside all my toms

I use the SIB System BDHO II Holders to mic all my toms and bass drums from inside. I may also mic the toms from from the outside - like most drummers do and mix these two signals for every drum. I'm gonna use these micing technique for the upcoming Elephants In Paradise and Jacobs Moor recording session.

Great fun at the fotoshooting with Sugar Sky

New Sugar Sky promo photo

Had a great photo shooting with my new band Elephants In Paradise! More photos under "PICS" or here:

Jacobs Moor's new EP "The Evil In Me" is available on CD at

or digitally at